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But all usually go scurrying when the camera gets too close.To get a better look, the crew of the BBC One/PBS Nature documentary series “The animatronic animals give a dimension to that filming that allows us to go closer into the animals’ lives than ever before.

He told police Veihdeffer often babysits children that stay at the home, the report says.

Security is an important aspect of every home and organization.

Asides from having all the burglaries, gates, and locks installed in your home or organization, you still need that important part of having a real-time video footage of what is happening everywhere around the home or organization.

The man told police he examined the fixture, and found it to be a towel hook that concealed a hidden camera with a micro USB port and a 16GB micro SD card, the report says.

Veihdeffer admitted to police that he installed the camera in the bathroom so that it faced the toilet, the report states.

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