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This issue cuts to the core of Uber's business model, which depends on drivers not being official employees.The drivers in the suit ask for employee benefits, including mileage and tip reimbursement. In 2016, Uber agrees to a 0 million settlement, but the court declined to approve it.Kalanick resigned late Tuesday night from the company he cofounded in 2009.While he’ll remain on the board of directors, Kalanick's departure comes after months, if not years, of reports of a toxic workplace culture, cutthroat business tactics, and the occasional public embarrassment. But what is clear is that this person will have a lot to correct.

By the late 18th century, ironmakers learned how to transform cast pig iron into a low-carbon content wrought iron using puddling furnaces (developed by Henry Cort in 1784).

The furnaces heated molten iron, which had to be stirred by As the carbon content decreases, iron's melting point increases, so masses of iron would agglomerate in the furnace.

These masses would be removed and worked with a forge hammer by the puddler before being rolled into sheets or rails.

These five elements are not a definition of global cities.

This book is not about theory, but a short history.

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The cycles and waves link closely with what we already know about the larger cycles of technology and trade development.

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