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We use a phase field model that allows for spatial variations in the Hele-Shaw cell.We find that, regardless of the specific way in which spatial perturbations are introduced, a lateral instability develops on the sides of the propagating Saffman-Taylor finger.The University of Wisconsin-Madison has emerged as a world leader in the area of quantum devices, with three cutting edge experimental efforts focused on different quantum device implementations.

This paper demonstrates that a cold, dense atomic gas can be nonlinear at the level of individual quanta, exhibiting strong absorption of photon pairs, while remaining transparent to single photons.

A fine marriage between atomic and optical physics has produced a medium that is transparent to single photons but opaque to multiple photons.

The finding heralds the development of devices such as single-photon switches.

Karen Saffman Legal Services Ltd has no subsidiaries.

Max Saffman qualified as a solicitor in 1994 and joined Olliers Solicitors as a partner in 2008, having previously been a partner at JMW.

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