Riftpatch needs updating loop

Our next League of Legends event, Bilgewater: Burning Tides, kicks off this patch! Whatever the case may be, we don't want Ahri players to worry about resetting or 'bugging out' a camp while charming, so we've fixed that to make it easier when grabbing a buff or otherwise casually feasting on the essence of your friendly jungle monsters. True to his nature as emperor, Azir has a habit of making everything about himself.

Dive into the port city of Bilgewater with a host of new features that'll be rolling out over the next few weeks, including: Charm always had a weird interaction with Monsters. Specifically in professional play where his massive range of threat and ability to single-handedly control battles of any shape or size necessitates the game be played around him.

Apprehend now gives vision to help you react to the things you grab (particularly over walls), or to show you just how far off you were.

* This currency can be spent on mounts or other items in the RIFT Store under the gold colored Affinity category!

ASCENDED TROVES *Get free goodies just for leveling up!

INSTANT ADVENTURE IMPROVEMENTS The Instant Adventure experience is even better than before!

Adventures will now randomly send groups of Ascended heroes anywhere, and these groups will be large raids of 15-20 players.

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Now, he’s used the plane’s power to bring Akylios and his army back to life: an army that’s ready to devour minds across Telara.

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