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The sticker has printed upon it a cloud key which you also use to register and set up the NAS.A QR code lets you set up the NAS using a mobile device.If you've got an ssh host open to the internet at large, always disable root login and password based authentication.A year or so ago, my Synology NAS got hacked by a Bitcoin mining virus.My synology has blocked large parts of the internet over the past few months.:)(only my SSH port is open to the outside so that my laptops can synchronize with my Synology via unison over SSH when I'm on the road.)Our cloud ssh gateway gets literally thousands of hits like this a day to users like root, mysql, oracle, etc.The feature set is actually similar to QNAP's TS-259 NAS (0, 4 stars) which is targeted to smaller businesses.Besides file sharing and backup, it can double as a multimedia server that's compatible with i Tunes and UPn P.

On the unit is a sticker that has a URL you access from a computer connected to the same network as the Turbo NAS.Considering the flexible, high-level storage that this NAS drive delivers, a business would usually expect to pay more, and require more components in an infrastructure.Still, small businesses that may not utilize the virtualization and i SCSI capabilities will find the near-00 price tag hard to swallow due to software bugs.There are some differences with the TS-459, however.It supports four SATA bays, plus has a LCD display that lets you view settings and perform basic configuration tweaks.

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