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Some scholars have postulated that Q is actually a plurality of sources, some written and some oral.

But Matthew and Luke also share large sections of text not found in Mark.You have a very even-keeled demeanor on and off the golf course, but what were your emotions like right after you survived the grueling six-round test at Q-School finals last month? I was really anxious the whole day, just kind of trying to speed up. It seems like there's a lot of guys out here, especially from the South, who like to hunt. Chris was buying a house and moving out of his condo and he had three bedrooms and was looking for renters, so it just worked out. I hear you’re pretty good at was always my favorite. I played with Johnson Wagner in Charlotte a couple weeks ago before the season, and he's been really cool to me. I guess for the sponsors, that's how these things work, right?And am I right that you and Hudson are dating roommates, too? I've been playing with Johnson and the past couple weeks I've had some trouble closing out some rounds, like I had it going deep the first day and finished 3-under. He looks so calm on the outside, but I'm sure he's pretty fired up. It seemed like [the tour] hasn't really gotten a good sense of what [the players] want.She won an athletics scholarship to a private university and intended to study veterinary science.Q's family was unable to assist her financially; she left Hawaii during the summer in hopes of earning enough money so that she could start her studies in the autumn.

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