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I don’t think they ever gave me advice, but just watching them interact — they’d fight but once the fight was over there was no tension. The basic difference would be that maybe they feel that they’re photo journalists reporting what they see, so they wanna shoot a lot, and I shoot the world that I would love to live in. That’s why I work so hard to get the precise angles that I want; I look at my photos from a little more of a historical perspective.

If you’re familiar with the world of street style, you’re likely familiar with its reigning king and queen, Scott Schuman and Garance Doré.

Rapt observers of street style will be familiar with the name, face, and distinctive flair of Jenny Walton.

She’ll never be out of my life, but it’s tough because I still think she’s great — it’s one of those tough things when you see a girl that you still really like but you can’t make it work. I can’t blame her for anything, she’s the way she is because of the way she was brought up, and I’m the way I am because of the way I grew up.

Once you realize that the person is not being mean to you, they’re just being who they are, it makes it feel less personal and you can accept and transition into a friendship more easily.

In our latest instalment of The Business of Blogging, Bo F gets the exclusive on how The Sartorialist makes bank website is still the ultimate badge of honour. Schuman’s influence is felt far beyond the blogosphere.

His beautifully framed photos, which feature fashion insiders and football fans alike, now appear on mood boards in design studios around the world.

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