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If you are a straight male, and you are so narrow minded that you figure your phallus is the thing a woman loves about you most, then you're not going to date or have a relationship with any hermaphrodite.i cannot speak for anyone else, but there is a lot of sexual connotation associated to my condition, rightfully so, because it is all about sex, but i honestly feel like there should be more emphasis on the psychological ramifications, but how would i know, i just live with this...I'm very glad to be here and share alittle about myself to you all!

Blood tests (to check hormone levels) and an ultrasound scan of your pelvis (to look for any internal tissues that could indicate hermaphroditism) should be enough to allay your fears.A female pseudo-hermaphrodite has ovaries but, has male or ambiguous characteristics externally.Serious second was happen to me real life, but desire you to spend free hermaphrodite dating money as they wish until.Ignorant people tend to ask questions and embrace difference.The issue is not woudl you date a Hermaphrodite the issue is would you sate someone with a specific gender appearance.

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